February 2021 8 Min Read

Recipe for Success: Building a New World-class Treasury during Lockdown

When Patrick Kunz, Interim Treasury & Finance Consultant, started at, the treasury function did not exist. Building one from scratch is the dream scenario for many treasurers. But when – on only the third day of this endeavour – the world went into...


October 2020 4 Min Read

Operational Finance in the Age of Covid-19: Time to Change the Basics?

Covid-19 has had a hugely disruptive impact on operational finance. The term ‘operational finance’ encapsulates the critical activities associated with order to cash, procure to pay, fixed assets, close, consolidation, and reporting. Invariably, these activities...


October 2020 33 Min Read

TMS vs TMS: Let Battle Commence

In many ways, Covid-19 has been the ultimate test for treasury teams and their technology. With the spotlight firmly on treasury management systems (TMSs), treasurers are asking whether they have the best tech for the job – in a remote-working environment where...


October 2020 6 Min Read

Accounts Receivable: A Journey to the Future

In ten years’ time, companies will probably still be working towards faster processing and enhanced business intelligence through automation and artificial intelligence (AI). It will be the new normal to store data in a single digital repository so that accounts...


June 2020 5 Min Read

The Perfect Match: Combining Working Capital Solutions for Comprehensive Supply Chain Support

By Adeline de Metz, Global Head of Working Capital Solutions, UniCredit In today’s challenging economic environment, liquidity has become central to corporates’ working capital strategies. For buyers in a relatively strong position, supporting their supply chains...


January 2020 4 Min Read

Rethinking Receivables: The Role of Adaptation in Holistic Working Capital Management

The working capital requirements of large corporations are often too complex and variable to be effectively addressed with a one-off financing tool. Julien Tizorin, Head of Coverage, Energy & Chemicals Americas, and Massimo Ortino, Head of GTB Americas, at...


November 2019 6 Min Read

Modernising Credit-to-Cash with Artificial Intelligence

More than two-thirds of credit and collections professionals report that overdue Accounts Receivable (A/R) averages are greater than 10% of their portfolio, according to the FIS 2019 Credit and Collections Market Report: Modernising Credit-to-Cash with Artificial...


January 2019 2 Min Read

Next Generation Trade Finance – Putting Innovation into Action

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in global trade. While the headlines continue to be dominated by geopolitical challenges, positive forces are setting the scene for a promising 2019 and beyond. Over the last 12 months, the gap between growth in trade...


January 2019 6 Min Read

Room for Manoeuvre – Optimising Working Capital with Receivables Finance

With an eye on working capital efficiency, Meliá Hotels’ treasury team was looking to access faster and more flexible liquidity as a means of speeding up the cash conversion cycle. After careful consideration, treasury decided to implement a receivables finance...


October 2018 6 Min Read

Multilateral Netting Reloaded

Multilateral netting is one of the most underestimated ways to optimise intercompany payments and group performance. In this Executive Interview, Eleanor Hill, Editor, asks Martin Bellin, Founder and CEO of the BELLIN Group, to explain why multilateral netting deserves...


May 2018 6 Min Read

Goodbye Hanse Orga, Hello Serrala

As of today, 5 June 2018, Hanse Orga Group has become ‘Serrala’ – a new brand for a technology-driven world, but one that still embodies the core values that clients know and expect, says Sven Lindemann, CEO, Hanse Orga Group. As well as rebranding, the company...


October 2017 9 Min Read

Optimising Cash and Liquidity Management with Virtual Accounts

As corporates have become increasingly international, their liquidity and risk management challenges have become more complex. As a result, the role of a corporate treasurer is becoming increasingly strategic, with treasurers now having a far wider range of...