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Goodbye Hanse Orga, Hello Serrala

As of today, 5 June 2018, Hanse Orga Group has become ‘Serrala’ – a new brand for a technology-driven world, but one that still embodies the core values that clients know and expect, says Sven Lindemann, CEO, Hanse Orga Group. As well as rebranding, the company has also launched a new cloud solution for cash visibility, accounts payable processing and accounts receivable automation, and is now offering white-labelled solutions to banks as well.

Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI (EH): Before we talk about the look and feel of the new brand, and what treasurers can expect from the company going forward, tell us a little bit about the drivers behind the rebrand. Why was a new name needed?

Sven Lindemann (SL): Since 1984, the Hanse Orga Group has provided intelligent software solutions for corporate treasurers. What began as a humble family-owned business soon turned into an international organisation synonymous with SAP expertise. So successful has the company been, however, that is has now outgrown its own name.

Our growth strategy is highly acquisitive, since we recognise the need to continuously improve our offering and stay ahead of market trends, such as the hybrid cloud. But as a result of numerous acquisitions made in recent years, we were operating with seven different brands: Hanse Orga, Soplex, SYMQ, Cogon, Dolphin, e5 and Tembit.

Each brand had its own go-to-market strategy. And it was increasingly tough to deliver that in a cost-effective way that also made sense to the market, since we wanted to make sure that clients could easily recognise all of our solutions as belonging to our corporate ‘family’. Driven by the desire to present a unified, seamless experience to our clients across the globe, and looking at the same time to refresh our messaging and visuals for the modern world, we felt it was time for a rebrand.