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Asia’s FX Landscape – Managing Complexity

An end-to-end approach for FX payments and risk management

by Sunil Bhatia, Head of Clearing and FX Products Asia Pacific, Global Transaction Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Change is in the air. Across Asia Pacific, corporate treasurers are required to look at the bigger picture. They are monitoring the global economy more diligently. They are debating the implications of regulatory change more strategically. They are analysing currency volatility more stringently.

While treasurers are required to provide a more detailed view, this does not imply approaching foreign exchange (FX) management differently than in previous cycles. However, from where we stand, this shift is consistent with broader developments in the treasury space and emblematic of a deeper market transition that brings both added complexities and potential benefits.

Today, as companies seek new markets to expand their geographical coverage across the region, treasurers have to look beyond the traditional objectives of reducing cost and enhancing margins. To drive international business, treasurers are now expected to understand and manage complex changes, many of which are being driven at the onshore regulatory level. Developing an appropriate risk management strategy is now essential FX management.