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Foreword – Global Liquidity and Cash Management Corporates Guidebook for Treasurers

Global Liquidity and Cash Management Corporates Guidebook for Treasurers


I would like to introduce this guidebook with a wealth of interesting and informative articles featuring HSBC’s work across the globe, to help treasurers keep up to date with some of the most vital elements of their world today – digitisation and technology. HSBC’s extensive global footprint as well as some of its innovative product developments are highlighted in the range of areas covered in these articles, across the continents of Europe, North America, Latin America, India and Asia Pacific, and validated by recent case studies provided by clients.

India is already well on the way to becoming a digitally-empowered country. Many key milestones achieved since the 2015 launch of the government’s Digital India initiative are described within, including the Smart Cities project, aimed at increasing the sophistication of India’s urban infrastructure and services.  The city of Hangzhou, China, is the home of technology giant, Alibaba, and the payment service provider, Alipay. Almost everything including utilities, public transport and retail services can be, and increasingly more often are, paid for by smartphone, rendering Hangzhou a virtually cashless city. In Asia-Pacific generally, liquidity management is proving a particularly dynamic feature, as regulatory changes within the region, shifts in US tax legislation and interest rates all present corporate treasurers with a wide range of opportunities.