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Head2Head: Impacts of Digitisation

By Bruce Meuli, Global Transaction Services Advisory Executive, EMEA and Jonathon Traer-Clark, 
Head of Strategy and Advisory, Global Transaction Services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bruce and Jonathon tackle risk in the digital domain, and discuss the real-world impact of innovation on working capital.  

Managing Risk in a Digital Environment

Bruce, let’s talk about risk. We know that the treasury discipline has been very good around things like liquidity risk, exchange rate risk and interest rate risk. But I would argue that there’s another concept that treasurers are now worrying about much more today, and that’s digital risk. Would you agree?

Are you thinking pure digital risk or are you coming at this from a wider operational risk perspective? I think people often get that confused.

That’s an interesting take on the matter, can you explain?