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Innovation in Payments and Collections 2016: Welcome

by Jean-François Denis, Deputy Global Head of Cash Management, BNP Paribas

Welcome to Innovation in Payments and Collections 2016 published by TMI in association with BNP Paribas. In an environment of market uncertainty, together with internal pressures to reduce costs and improve key metrics, this Guide illustrates the potential that recent innovations in payments and collections offer to fuel international expansion and growth in market share.

One such opportunity is driven by the emergence of e-Commerce business models. In his article, Samy Touboul, Head of the e-Commerce Team outlines some of the ways in which BNP Paribas and our partners are supporting the strategic and operational objectives of companies currently or planning to engage in e-Commerce. Through a combination of innovative banking solutions and expert advisory services, we are helping corporates to engage with customers in new ways, secure sales, and ultimately grow their business.

Some of the most significant industry initiatives that could have a strong impact on both traditional and emerging business models relate to instant payments. As Francis De Roeck, Head of SEPA Offering emphasises, while most of these initiatives are currently focused on domestic payments, the potential also exists to transform cross-border payments, presaging important developments in the way that international trade is conducted.