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My Life in Finance: V S Parthasarathy, Mahindra Group

V S Parthasarathy

An Interview with V S Parthasarathy, Chief Financial Officer, Group CIO & EVP-Group M&A, Member of the Group Executive Board, Mahindra Group

How did you first get into finance, and what attracted you to the profession?

My interest in finance goes back to my schooldays. In India, secondary school students choose between arts, sciences or commerce. As a rule, the most academic students choose sciences, but I was attracted to commerce, particularly finance and accounting. I even remember my teacher calling my parents in to tell them I was making the wrong decision; fortunately, my father advised him that I wouldn’t listen, and if finance and accounting was what I wanted to do, then they should let me, and perhaps my academic skills could be put to good use in the commercial space.

It is a great privilege to start every day excited about the prospect of fresh ideas and innovation in a discipline I love.