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Smart Connectivity for a Smart Treasury

Smart Connectivity for a Smart Treasury

by David Chatelet, Product Advisory - Global Channels Marketing, Cash Management, BNP Paribas

As treasury departments globally aspire to become ever more automated, treasurers are demanding flexible and robust connectivity solutions to manage corporate data in a reliable and secure way more than ever before. As decision-making is becoming increasingly system-led and more sophisticated solutions provide greater intelligence and process efficiency, traditional channels of banking communication are set to enter the new era of ‘smart connectivity’.

Treasurers are already familiar with a range of bank communication channels, each of which supports different needs or customer segments, but new smart connectivity solutions offer the best functionality from different channels in a cohesive and integrated manner. This new approach offers unified integration capabilities and supports greater treasury efficiency, and enables banks to support their corporate clients through their challenging journey to operational and strategic cash management excellence.

From individual products to value added solutions

Smart connectivity is an important demonstration of BNP Paribas’ vision of the role of a cash management bank. By allowing existing e-Banking systems to communicate and work together in a more integrated manner, smart connectivity solutions reflect the fact that different corporations require different solutions. For example, in practical terms, a company should not have to use SWIFTNet and BNP Paribas’ e-Banking portal, Connexis separately. Each has its own benefits, whether enhancing simplicity and transparency, enabling better cash mobility or providing additional information or services. The goal therefore, is to achieve synergies by ensuring that different e-Banking channels can seamlessly communicate with each other.