June 2010 4 Min Read

Hybrid Innovation at TenneT

Hybrid Innovation at TenneT by Otto Jager, Group Treasurer, TenneT TenneT is the high voltage grid operator of the Netherlands, with over 90% of revenues derived from regulated business. On 10 November 2009, TenneT announced the acquisition of the German high voltage...


April 2010 7 Min Read

The Effect of the Financial Crisis on Corporate – Bank Relationships

The Effect of the Financial Crisis on Corporate – Bank Relationships by Dr Jochen Stich, Group Treasurer, Porsche Holding GmbH The financial crisis has at least taught people in finance, besides a couple of other very valuable aspects, three major lessons:...


April 2010 8 Min Read

Asian Banks – Leading the Way to Recovery

Asian Banks – Leading the Way to Recovery by Karen Fawcett, Group Head, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Operating in Asia for over 150 years, Standard Chartered Bank has witnessed first-hand many economic cycles in the region. As Asia emerges from...


March 2010 6 Min Read

Overhaul of IAS 39: Revolution or simplification?

Overhaul of IAS 39: Revolution or simplification? by François Masquelier, Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman, EACT The butt of frequent criticism in recent months, fair value has been singled out by shareholders and banks...


February 2010 4 Min Read

An Early Warning System for Asset Bubbles

An Early Warning System for Asset Bubbles by Susan Lund and Charles Roxburgh, McKinsey Global Institute New research from the McKinsey Global Institute shows that the right tools could have identified the recent global credit bubble years before the crisis broke. As...


November 2009 6 Min Read

Technology Transformation at Nutreco

Technology Transformation at Nutreco by Jan Slootweg, Group Treasurer, Nutreco Holding N.V. Although Nutreco’s business units operate on a largely autonomous basis, treasury is one of the business activities that has been centralised into a centre of excellence....


October 2009 6 Min Read

Sibos Reflections

Sibos Reflections by Helen Sanders, Editor Gold at the end of the rainbow? The last two Sibos conferences have suffered turmoil of different sorts: 2008 saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers on day one, this year saw a typhoon. Somehow, despite climactic events of all...


August 2009 6 Min Read

What Next for Cross- Border Payments?

What Next for Cross-Border Payments?  An Interview with Ebru Pakcan, Head of Payments, EMEA, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi GTS Citi recently conducted a survey amongst over 250 companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which aimed to re-assess...


July 2009 7 Min Read

Correlation between Credit Ratings and Defaul Frequencies

Correlation between Credit Ratings and Default Frequencies Diane Vazza, a Managing Director at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, discusses the findings of the rating agency’s latest Annual Global Corporate Default Study and Rating Transitions. The...


February 2009 13 Min Read

RZB Special Report

Major adjustments underway in CEE by Peter Brezinschek, Head of Economics and Financial Research, RZB The slump in the global economy has now reached the CEE region. Although the domestic economies in the CEE countries are still supported by private consumption and...


July 2008 19 Min Read

A Roadmap to Global Pension Fund Management

Introduction Multinational companies with employees worldwide are often faced with the predicament of having occupational pension schemes in different locations, resulting in disparate pools of assets and liabilities across the world. While few new schemes are defined...


July 2008 11 Min Read

Employee Stock Options

By Graeme West, Financial Modelling Agency Employee or executive stock options (ESOs for short) are call options granted by a company to an employee on the stock of the company. These options are part of the remuneration package of the employee. However, they differ...

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21 March 2023
HSBC Asset Management Launches Euro ESG Money Markey Fund

The new fund builds on the success of the HSBC Sterling ESG Liquidity and HSBC US Dollar ESG Liquidity funds.

16 March 2023
Surecomp and Contour Enter Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Interoperability Between Digital Trade Finance Solutions

Surecomp announces that it is partnering with Contour to drive the digital transformation of trade finance across financial institutions.

14 March 2023
SVB, Ticking Time Bombs and Unintended Consequences

Almost immediately following the dramatic collapse on Friday 10th March of two US lenders – Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and New York’s Signature Bank – bank shares around the world started taking a serious hit.

10 March 2023
Finastra’s ESG Service Will Support Banks in Delivering a Sustainable Lending Experience to Corporate Clients

Finastra announces the availability of its ESG Service, a cloud-native SaaS solution that streamlines sustainability-linked lending.

9 March 2023
Banks see “Clear Potential and Value” in Swift’s Experimental CBDC Connector after Sandbox Collaboration

Swift innovation enables CBDCs to move seamlessly on existing financial infrastructure and efficiently scale for international transactions.