Europe is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. From the impact of Brexit to the COVID-19 pandemic, treasurers and CFOs across the region must adapt and innovate in order to sustain business growth and resilience.

Barclays has partnered with TMI to understand and share the latest challenges and opportunities for treasurers across Europe. We will be sharing some of our key insights on this page, as well as on the Barclays Corporate Banking LinkedIn channel.

FX Connections: Bringing Transparency to Cross-Currency Payments

Cross-border activity is growing at a remarkable rate, making FX payments a hot topic for treasurers across the globe.  In this TreasuryCast episode, Eleanor Hill asks Daniela Eder and Gibran Maqsood (Barclays Corporate Banking) to…

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Treasury KPIs for ESG and D&I: Time to Get Serious

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are now a boardroom priority – and an increasingly important part of the treasurer’s strategic remit. Nevertheless, only a quarter of treasury departments currently have key performance indicators relating to ESG. Helen Kelly, Head of…

Cash & Liquidity Management
It’s Now or Never: Keeping Pace with Real-Time Payments

Treasurers in business-to-business (B2B) sectors can no longer write off real-time payments as ‘only fit for consumer industries’. Value limits are increasing and usage is trending upwards [1] [2]. What’s more, innovation is bringing added value – ranging from request-to-pay to…

Risk Management
Big Game Hunting

Cybercriminals Set their Sights on Treasury
Corporate systems and data are increasingly being held to ransom by cybercriminals. The modus operandi of these underworld gangs is also rapidly evolving to exploit vulnerabilities in remote-working set-ups on the back of Covid-19.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Transactional FX: Maximising Efficiencies and Unlocking Cash Management Opportunities

As the speed of global commerce increases, and the desire for transparency across all areas of business intensifies, more treasury teams are discovering the benefits of automating their transactional foreign exchange (FX) workflows. In this…

Cash & Liquidity Management
An Open Invitation to Treasury Efficiency

Practical Use Cases for Open Banking While it remains something of a mystery to many corporate treasurers, open banking is much more than a collection of acronyms and regulatory endeavours. In fact, it is the basis of an evolving financial ecosystem that holds significant potential benefits for…

Maintaining ESG Momentum at the Heart of Treasury

While sustainability has risen up the corporate agenda at a rapid pace, and many treasurers have taken its practices onboard, there is still more work to be done on both sides of the balance sheet. Two senior executives, drawn from Barclays’ investment and corporate banking arms, explore the…

Europe in 2022: Is Your Treasury Fit for Purpose? (Survey Report)

Bringing together peer insights from 225 treasury professionals, the results of this TMI European Treasury Survey 2021, in partnership with Barclays, aim to help treasurers identify opportunities for change in the evolving European landscape.

Cash & Liquidity Management
New Europe Awakens: A Fresh Look at Post-Brexit Treasury

Despite the challenges, the UK’s departure from the EU is an opportunity for corporates on both sides of the channel to re-engineer treasury workflows, overhaul legacy processes, and revamp treasury models. Andrés Baltar, Head of Europe, Corporate Banking at Barclays and Daniela Eder,…

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Reaching the Next Level of Treasury Digitisation

Corporates all over the world have had to react quickly to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a practical sense, this has meant seamlessly switching to remote working and virtual treasury operations. The digitisation journey that treasurers have been on in recent years has played…

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Data-Driven Treasury: Future-Proofing Your European Flows

As businesses across Europe accelerate their digital transformations, savvy corporate treasurers have a unique opportunity to secure enriched data insights, says Daniela Eder, Head of Payments & Cash Management Europe, Barclays. In turn, this could enable treasury functions to become fitter,…

Cash & Liquidity Management
Automating Transactional FX: Unlocking Efficiencies and Growth Opportunities

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, few corporates had thoroughly reviewed the way they processed their foreign currency payments. But with remote working and rapid digitisation, treasurers are starting to explore the benefits of automating their…

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Fast-Track Treasury: Making the Most of Digital Business Models

Reaching customers through digital channels has become a priority for organisations during global lockdown. But reaping the benefits of a digital business model requires treasury to be fully connected to the company’s overall digital…

Trade Finance
Trade and Supply Chain Finance: Rising Above Uncertainty

Covid-19 has changed so many aspects of life and business – global trade is no exception. With trade flows declining, and commercial payments following suit, Aoife Wallace, Head of Trade & Working Capital Europe, Barclays, and Daniela Eder, Head of Payments & Cash Management Europe,…

Cash & Liquidity Management
Cash Management and Investment in a Shifting World

Without a crystal ball, it is difficult to predict which path the economic recovery will take. Many treasurers are therefore wondering how to manage and invest corporate cash in an optimal manner, given the uncertainty ahead. Nevertheless, Yera Hagopian, Managing Director, Liquidity Solutions,…

Cash & Liquidity Management
Fraud Protection

Corporate fraud protection is vital to prevent your business from becoming an unwitting victim. Read our guides to the most common tactics, including CEO fraud and vishing, which will help you stay ahead of the fraudsters.

Cash & Liquidity Management
What is possible? International Insights

As the world begins on the path to recovery, businesses have the opportunity to rebuild in a more sustainable, connected and innovative manner. Barclays Corporate Banking is here to help you answer the question, what is possible?

Cash & Liquidity Management
What is possible? The Europe edit

In this podcast series, Daniela Eder, Head of Payments and Cash Management for Barclays Europe, and her expert guests discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead for corporate treasuries.

APIs for Payments and More: Practical Insights

TMI’s Eleanor Hill is joined by Daniela Eder and Maarten van Rossum (Barclays) to discuss how the connectivity ecosystem is evolving, and what corporate treasurers can expect to see emerge from this space in 2022. Our guests take a detailed look into the key technology underpinning this…

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