The Key to Smarter Liquidity Management: Breaking Down Silos
Cash & Liquidity Management   10 Min Read

Treasurers must lead the charge to bring down organisational silos that stifle optimised liquidity management. To do this successfully, they have to recruit critical stakeholders from other departments to the cause...

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Building a Watertight Case for Treasury Technology Investment
Treasury Technology   10 Min Read

The shelves of the treasury technology supermarket have never been better stocked, with vendors offering everything from a TMS for the entire function through to tailored tools to support specific, and sometimes niche,...

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Exploring the Post-Pandemic Treasury Technology Frontier
Treasury Technology   11 Min Read

One silver lining from the Covid-19 pandemic is that it has supercharged trends around treasury technology – both in the adoption of new technology by corporates and the development of cutting-edge technologies that...

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Scale for Growth: Data as the Cornerstone of Finance Transformation
Data Analytics   8 Min Read

Kim Estes, Vice President, Accounting, The Knot Worldwide, explains to TMI how her organisation found the perfect marriage of technological transformation and streamlined processes.

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Embracing Supplier Diversity: Treasury Lessons from Facebook and GSK
CSR & ESG   9 Min Read

By focusing on the diversity and inclusion elements of external relationships within the supply chain, corporates can create additional value and efficiencies. Here, treasurers are being urged to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and get involved in this potentially...

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How to Gain Visibility and Take Control of Payments and Cash
Cash & Liquidity Management   8 Min Read

When it comes to payments, cash, liquidity and spend management, bank system independence is both desirable and achievable. Coupa’s Rajiv Ramachandran, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Management, Coupa Pay, explains why and how. In a global economy,...

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All-Seeing AI: The Facts About Real-Time Cash Forecasting
Cash & Liquidity Management   7 Min Read

A real-time view on corporate cash and liquidity positions has become crucial to optimal decision-making. Yet for many companies still struggling to aggregate their siloed data sources, this might as well be a notion from a work of science fiction. Prepare to open your...

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Beyond Technology in Treasury: Leveraging Community Intelligence
Treasury Strategy & Transformation   7 Min Read

Running an efficient, data-driven global treasury is not just a technology play: it’s also about leveraging “community intelligence” and group-wide collaboration. Sounds too involved? It’s easier than you think, says Nikolai Diekert, Director, Product...

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Fast and Furious
Treasury Technology   3 Min Read

Coupa Fulfilling Wish List for Cross-Border Payments TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION AWARDS Solution Innovation Fast, traceable, transparent and TMS-integrated cross-border payments on a worldwide basis are a wish-list item for many corporate treasury functions. Achieving...

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Building Resilience: Treasury’s Role in Overcoming Cyber Risk and Fraud
Risk Management   8 Min Read

Remote working, and greater reliance on technology, is leading to a rapid increase in cyber-attacks and fraud attempts. Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer, Ferguson, and Michael Juen, Chief Customer Officer, BELLIN, a Coupa company, explain how treasurers can...

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Running a Virtual Treasury: Get Yourself Connected
Treasury Technology   7 Min Read

Remote working has quickly become the norm for many treasurers across the globe. But are treasury departments operating optimally in a virtual world? BELLIN’s Michael Juen, Chief Customer Officer, and Michael Bach, Head of Consulting & Implementation, explain how...

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TMS vs TMS: Let Battle Commence
Treasury Technology   33 Min Read

In many ways, Covid-19 has been the ultimate test for treasury teams and their technology. With the spotlight firmly on treasury management systems (TMSs), treasurers are asking whether they have the best tech for the job – in a remote-working environment where...

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