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An Award-Winning Digital Treasury Transformation: Secrets of Success

TMI Award winner Gavi’s Managing Director of Finance and Operations, Assietou Diouf, joins us to discuss the organisation’s celebrated digital treasury transformation project.

Assietou is joined by Aniket Kulkarni, PwC, and Christian Mnich, SAP, to discover how, with the help of project partners PwC and SAP, Gavi has leveraged cloud applications such as a multi-bank connectivity offering to propel its treasury function into the future.

A recent article with Diouf and Gavi’s partners, PwC and SAP, explores the project, revealing the lessons it holds for all treasuries.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Assietou Diouf
    Managing Director of Finance & Operations, Gavi
  • Aniket Kulkarni
    Partner, Treasury and Commodity Trading, PwC
  • Christian Mnich
    VP, Head of Solution Management, Treasury and Working Capital Management, SAP


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