Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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A Life-Changing Digital Treasury Transformation

Supporting Gavi’s Mission

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance helps vaccinate children against some of the world’s deadliest diseases. Since its inception, this public-private partnership has helped immunise more than 822 million children, preventing at least 14 million deaths, in 73 lower-income countries. Gavi is currently coordinating the COVAX Facility, a global mechanism for the pooled procurement and equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

As an organisation entrusted with public funds from the international donor community, Gavi’s finance team shoulders a huge responsibility. If funds are not managed so that Gavi can carry out its immunisation work effectively, the lives of millions of children could be at risk.

For Assietou Diouf, Gavi’s Managing Director of Finance and Operations, cost efficiency is a key pillar of the organisation’s operating model. “We need to ensure that the majority of the resources are spent on equipment and delivery of vaccines,” she explains.

With increasing demands being placed on Gavi’s largely manual financial processes, in 2017 it was decided to embark upon a programme of digitisation. In 2018, the organisation selected SAP as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provider, and by 2019 it was live. Today it’s exploring some high-tech upgrades.