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Blockchain and the Corporate Treasurer

Creating Smarter Strategies

Forward-thinking corporate treasurers are examining concrete blockchain use cases with a view to improving the effectiveness of their treasury management activities. But where can the biggest blockchain gains be made in the treasury sphere? And are there any new blockchain-based tools for treasurers to be aware of?

Despite the various benefits that blockchain offers corporate treasuries, there is still a great reluctance to embrace the technology. This is due to a number of reasons: the technology is still immature; most of the projects are still in the conceptual phase; and, real-world blockchain applications for the treasurer’s day-to-day activities are still scarce. But that is changing, albeit slowly.

However, an increasing number of tangible treasury solutions are being brought to the market. And there is growing awareness among blockchain solution providers to come up with more integrated smart treasury solutions.

Towards greater strategic control

From a treasury point of view, the current business environment for corporates operating internationally is highly complex. The treasury departments of these corporates have already undergone many transformations triggered by technology innovations, regulatory initiatives and changing client behaviours.