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People in Focus: Stephen Randall

TTS Global Head of Liquidity Management Services, Citi

Stephen Randall has recently been appointed Citi’s TTS Global Head of Liquidity Management Services, and a member of the Global Executive Committee.  In this position he is responsible for managing more than 50% of Citi’s deposit base across all regions and geographies, covering one of the most extensive, multi-currency, market leading liquidity product capabilities. This includes physical and notional pooling capabilities, interest optimisation products and overdraft products in TTS. He is also responsible  for the successful development and execution of the strategy and plans for sustaining the growth of the product. As a senior lead and contact for Citi’s key clients, Stephen is responsible for taking a leadership role in the partnership with Citi Treasury, both from a balance sheet direction, hedging strategy and an integral part of the Balance Sheet Costing groups, helping steer the direction of the transfer pricing, capital and liquidity management of the firm.

Stephen is a Citi veteran and has held several senior roles in his 24 years at Citi. Most recently, he was the Head of Regional Treasury and was previously the Head of Global Liquidity Oversight and Analytics based in New York. He has also been leading the implementation of the Cluster Treasurer organisation. In addition, over the past few years he has continued the development of the Country and Regional ALCOs to drive balance sheet performance and capital repatriation. As Head of Regional Treasury he has been involved across the organisation in enhancing Citi’s capabilities in Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Management.

Stephen is a qualified accountant with a BA in Economics and Accountancy from the University of Southampton, UK.