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People in Focus: Hiroshi Yaguchi

Hiroshi Yaguchi established the CFO Headquarters Co., Ltd. in 2000 and served as its president. He then founded the Japan Association of Chief Financial Officers (JACFO) where he served as a Member of the Board until he was appointed as Executive Director in 2003.

Hiroshi earned his degree at the University of Tokyo, Department of Economics. He joined Sumitomo Bank (currently SMBC) in 1989 and served as the Deputy Manager of the Corporate Department, and was appointed Deputy Chief of the Corporate Department in 1999. He is a past Chairman of the International Association of Financial Executive Institutes (IAFEI) and is a member of its Advisory Council.

JACFO was launched in Tokyo in October 2000 with the aim of supporting the training and development of the Japanese-style chief financial officer (CFO). JACFO undertakes the investigation and research of practical methods for financial management to enable Japanese companies to increase their international competitiveness in response to changes in the management environment. The association consists of a broad range of committees advised by specialists in business, financial, and academic circles. While welcoming alliances with related foreign institutions, the association endeavours to establish global standards for financial management in Japan.

JACFO has 2,000 individual and 4,500 corporate members representing 240 companies and institutions. It publishes a quarterly journal and holds frequent meetings for the exchange of information, and provides assistance and information to its members, who can access a wide range of seminars on financial management. The association also holds certification and accreditation examinations for those at various stages in their careers as chief financial officers.