My Life in Treasury
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Riding the Crest of the Wave

My Life in Treasury: Craig Busch

Through roles at both a bank and a multinational corporate, plus a consulting business in between, Craig Busch has experienced treasury from all angles. Newly retired, Busch shares insights on his successful career, how treasurers can overcome market shocks, and what the future holds for the profession.

Having recently retired following 17 years as Global Treasurer at Worley, the Australia-headquartered engineering professional services multinational, Craig Busch reflects on how his treasury journey began.

“I had a number of years offshore in Japan, looking after the Japanese and the South Korean business for a bank, and ended up as treasurer for one of the Aussie banks,” he recalls.

When that bank was taken over, Busch set up a risk advisory business, and this role proved to be his stepping stone to the corporate treasury world.