February 2024 00:00

Impact Investing: The Real Risks and Rewards

Tom Alford (TMI) invites Catherine Berman (CNote) to explore the realm of impact investing.


February 2024 3 Min Read

ONEHub to Rule Them All

Fides Treasury Services’ CEO Andreas Lutz talks to TMI about the pace of change in business and the need for better liquidity management.


February 2024 15:56

The Shifting Payment Landscape

Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Koen De Smet (PwC) to answer if treasury departments are equipped to meet the broader business’s payment demands?


January 2024 8 Min Read

Payments Compliance

Vincent Calderara explains how the bank’s ‘INQUIRO by BNP Paribas’ platform is helping treasurers avoid payments processing headaches.


December 2023 8 Min Read

The Working Capital Work-Out

Elizebeth John and Ritesh Jain (Citi) explain how businesses can build a leaner, healthier relationship with their cash by leveraging innovative solutions.


November 2023 15 Min Read

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Three industry experts highlight key considerations for treasurers looking to optimise the use of excess cash, maximise yield, and manage risk.


November 2023 13 Min Read

Translating Payments Innovation into Treasury Success

For treasurers, payments are also one of the most exciting aspects of the role – not least because the space is full of innovation and business opportunity.


November 2023 12:48

Building a Business Case for Real-time Payments in Treasury

Nicolas Cailly (Societe Generale) shares his thoughts on the burgeoning role of real-time payments in treasury.


November 2023 7 Min Read

Central Banks Hold Rates as Financial Tightening Takes Grip

Exclusive insight for TMI subscribers! Northern Trust Asset Management share a monthly market commentary for treasurers.


November 2023 9 Min Read

Turn of a Friendly Card

Ritesh Jain (Citi) explains how Citi Optimized Pay is revitalising the world of card-based supplier payment programmes.


November 2023 00:00

A Deep-Dive into Climate-related Ratings

TMI’s Tom Alford invites Alex Griffiths (Fitch Ratings) to discuss climate-related ratings and analysis for investors.


October 2023 9 Min Read

Perfect Partner

Juliana Kitching (WED2B) shares her insights and experiences of financial leadership across a range of businesses, offering some tips for success.

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Latest News

10 June 2024
HSBC Announces Global Trade Solutions

HSBC annnounces the launch of Global Trade Solutions (GTS), a new identity for the bank’s long-standing GTRF business.

30 May 2024
Swift and Global Banks Launch AI Pilots to Tackle Cross-border Payments Fraud

The cooperative has convened financial institutions for two pilots that will use AI to enhance fraud detection in cross-border payments

30 May 2024
Societe Generale Launches a Sustainable Global Transaction Banking Framework

The framework will help clients assess and monitor the environmental and social impacts of their day-to-day working capital, trade, and liquidity.

28 May 2024
Surecomp Successfully Reinforces Paperless Maritime Trade Adoption

Surecomp announces the completion of successful electronic bills of lading (eBL) transactions.

21 May 2024
Swift Standardises Payments End-to-end, Giving Banks Ready-to-use Tracking Services to Enhance Corporate Experience

Swift wil help financial institutions streamline the cross-border payments experience for their corporate customers, by extending ISO 20022 across the entire payment chain.