January 2011 3 Min Read

Implementing Efficient Treasury Management Services in China

Implementing Efficient Treasury Management Services in China by Xu Yan,General Manager, Payments and Cash Management Department, ICBC With the ever accelerating growth of the global trade and increasing expansion of business operation areas, it has been, for a long...


October 2010 9 Min Read

China: Realising or Inhibiting Potential

China: Realising or Inhibiting Potential by Helen Sanders, Editor Ensuring the safety, integrity and genuineness of products will continue to pose a major challenge for the Chinese government. This month I visited China for the first time in eight or nine months....


June 2010 7 Min Read

Cash Management in Mexico: Looks like Heaven in the Region

Cash Management in Mexico Looks Like Heaven in the Region by Florent Michel, Managing Partner, Latina Finance & Co. Mexico is still in recovery from the 2008 crisis. The country is slowly registering signs of improvement in its industrial production, exports...


June 2010 2 Min Read

Leveraging Opportunities in Latin America: Insights into Cash Management in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico

Leveraging Opportunities in Latin America Insights into Cash Management in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico by Helen Sanders, Editor Five years ago, a great deal of conference talk revolved around the ‘BRIC’ countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. In...


June 2010 11 Min Read

Cash Management in Argentina: A Solid System but Needs Fresh Air

Cash Management in Argentina: A Solid System but Needs Fresh Air by Jorge Barnfather, Consultant, Latina Finance & Co Over the last few years, Argentina has witnessed a significant evolution and strengthening of its domestic financial system, and particularly a...


June 2010 9 Min Read

Cash Management in Brazil: Driving a Fast Car…

Cash Management in Brazil Driving a Fast Car… by Florent Michel,  Managing Partner,  Latina Finance & Co. The growth of cross-border funds in and out of Brazil is a first in the country’s history. Busy, busy, busy Brazil – downtown Sao...


June 2010 5 Min Read

Executive Interview: Leveraging Growth Opportunities in Middle East and North Africa

Leveraging Growth Opportunities in Middle East and North Africa An interview with Jeremy Shaw, Head of Corporate Sales, Middle East & Africa, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services Why is MENA such an important market for J.P. Morgan? J.P. Morgan has a long-standing history...


November 2009 5 Min Read

Interview: Lionel Garnier-Denis, Group Treasurer at Alten

Lionel Garnier-Denis “A wide variety of SwiftNet offers from banks” Group Treasurer, Alten Lettre du Trésorier Alten is quite a new organisation? Lionel Garnier-Denis It was set up just over 20 years ago by three engineers. The company obtained a...


November 2009 5 Min Read

Interview: Sophie Thévard, Treasury and Finance Manager at Eutelsat SA

Sophie Thévard “We have created a circle of banks for placements” Treasury and Finance Manager, Eutelsat SA Lettre du Trésorier How would you describe Eutelsat? Sophie ThévardEutelsat Communications is the company which has been listed...


November 2009 6 Min Read

Interview: Marie Bastart, Treasury and Finance Manager for Vinci

Marie Bastart “We do not have any significant problems with our banks” Treasury and Finance Manager, Vinci Lettre du Trésorier How is the treasury function organised at Vinci? Marie BastartThe company is distinguished  by the very different...


November 2009 4 Min Read

Interview: Bernard Lubot, Financial Operations and Treasury Manager at Areva

Bernard Lubot “We have created a unique treasury interface to serve all parts of the group” Financial Operations and Treasury Manager, Areva Lettre du Trésorier You have worked mainly in industry, I believe? Bernard LubotAfter completing my studies...


November 2009 5 Min Read

Interview: Pierre Mences of the CFTC

Pierre Mences  “We are going to bring the competition amongst the banks into play” General Treasurer, Confédération Française des Travailleurs Chrétiens Lettre du Trésorier When was the Confédération...

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11 July 2024
Bank of America Unveils Intelligent Transaction Search on CashPro

Bank of America unveils a powerful transaction search engine with integrated investigation capabilities on CashPro.

9 July 2024
NatWest Appoints Jonathan Peberdy as CEO of NatWest Markets

NatWest Group has today announced the appointment of Jonathan Peberdy as CEO, NatWest Markets.

28 June 2024
Trade Finance to Play Substantial Role in $30.1 Trillion Tokenised Real-world Assets Market by 2034

A new paper by Standard Chartered and Synpulse predicts that demand for overall tokenised assets could reach USD 30.1 trillion by 2034.

21 June 2024
Nomentia Appoints Huub Wevers as Chief Revenue Officer

Nomentia announces the appointment of Huub Wevers as the new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

18 June 2024
Swift Research Finds European SMEs Optimistic About Instant Payments Regulation

Many EU SMEs expect the Instant Payments Regulation to save them money, improve their cashflow, and increase their competitiveness.