Published  22:24

Making the Sustainable Transition: A Roadmap to ESG in Treasury

Over the last 18 months, Societe Generale has experienced a steady increase in requests from their corporate clients to integrate ESG features in treasury management. 

Louis-David Rouyer, Philippe Pougeard, and Emmanuelle Petelle (Societe Generale) provide TMI’s Eleanor Hill with a whistlestop run through of the bank’s ESG and CSR integration journey, touching on the progress Societe Generale has made in areas including liquidity management, short-term financing, supply chain and receivables finance, and trade finance instruments.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Louis-David Rouyer
    Deputy Head Payments and Cash Management International Network, Societe Generale
  • Philippe Pougeard
    Deputy CEO, Head of Business, Societe Generale Factoring
  • Emmanuelle Petelle
    Deputy Head of Trade Finance, Societe Generale


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