Published  21:00

FX Connections: Bringing Transparency to Cross-Currency Payments

Cross-border activity is growing at a remarkable rate, making FX payments a hot topic for treasurers across the globe. 

In this TreasuryCast episode, Eleanor Hill asks Daniela Eder and Gibran Maqsood (Barclays Corporate Banking) to provide their key action points around FX payments in 2022. Our guests share their impressions of the technologies that can assist in making full use of the increasingly connected payments marketplace, the industry sectors to keep a close eye on in terms of innovation, and the potential impact of not optimising cross-currency payments.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Daniela Eder
    Head of Payments & Cash Management Europe, Barclays
  • Gibran Maqsood
    Director, Head of Transactional FX Sales Europe, Barclays


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