My Life in Treasury
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My Life in Treasury: Chris McLoughlin, Worldpay

If you ever find yourself being interviewed by Chris McLoughlin, tell him all about the times things went pear-shaped during your working day. He values confidence, resilience and tenacity in his team members and, in return, he offers adaptability, flexibility and empathy as a manager. “No one can do it alone,” he advises his peers. “So ensure everyone is along for the ride.”

How did you come into treasury and what attracted you to the profession?

My first couple of roles at Worldpay involved working closely with the treasury function, both from an operational and a project delivery perspective. The bulk of my interaction was during the plan to open a Worldpay branch in the Netherlands and customer migration. I was the project lead for Operations and Treasury, so had to get to grips with the treasury requirements and deliverables in a very short space of time. 

The more I learned about treasury over time, the more I thought I could carve out a career in that space. Treasury appealed to me as the skills you develop are industry wide; every company has a treasury function. So in terms of career development, I thought that learning a central function role in treasury would open up more paths and opportunities later down the line.

How has your career progressed through to the role that you hold today?

My first role was in securities confirmations with the Bank of New York. I then moved into the treasury department, working on the CLS team and then eventually supervising the reconciliation team. I was there for nearly five years and learned a lot about the finance and banking industry. From there I moved to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), working on FX projects and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for just shy of three years.