My Life in Treasury
Published  12 MIN READ

The High-Flyer With His Feet On The Ground

My Life in Treasury: Andrea Sottoriva Group Treasurer and Finance Director, SITA

Some career paths appear random while others seem to plot a made-to-measure course. And then there are those people who know how to make the best of every occasion. Throughout his years as a treasurer, Andrea Sottoriva has been able to incorporate aspects from every waypoint on his journey to date, refusing to let any opportunity go to waste.

Andrea Sottoriva enjoys rising to a challenge, but then he comes at each one in a state of full preparedness. This is an approach he has learnt to exploit across the years, and now, as Group Treasurer and Finance Director of SITA, which is the air transport industry’s IT provider, delivering solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft and governments, he is serving in an industry that needs as much skill and judgment as it can muster. It’s a case of the right person, being in the right place, at the right time.

But then since taking on his current role in January 2014, he has been ready to ring the changes, even at a personal level. At the time of his promotion it required a move from Italy to the firm’s treasury headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Although he had already been with SITA at that point for around seven years, the prospect of stepping up to a senior position was a strong pull for the native Milanese. He has seized the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Sottoriva’s success to date has seen him win industry accolades and confirm his status as a go-to speaker on the treasury event circuit. Perhaps most importantly, he has also been instrumental in keeping the lights burning bright within SITA, which is a key provider in an industry that has been hit harder than most by the pandemic.