Published  11 MIN READ

Why ESG is the Future of Business – and Treasury

With ‘sustainability’ being today’s buzzword, there has never been a better time to clear up the misconceptions about environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures, not least among the treasury community. In the first of a three-part series on this increasingly important topic, experts from Bank of America tackle the myths and mysteries head on, offering a new perspective for 2021 and beyond.

Often labelled as ‘a feel-good marketing strategy’ or ‘greenwashing’, it’s little surprise that some view the ESG agenda with a little scepticism. Of course, it is natural to question the values and agendas that nestle among the good work being done in this space; but there comes a time when the debate must stop and action must begin.

Indeed, with sustainability-based strategies becoming essential for driving business growth and transformation, this is the ideal moment to re-examine the treasurer’s role in supporting, and embracing, ESG.

Melissa Moi
Head of Asia Pacific Environment, Social, Governance, Bank of America