January 2018 9 Min Read

Blockchain: A Libertarian Panacea?

 Blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin, has given partisans of the libertarian movement unlooked for backing. This technology and its offshoots will soon give rise to a number of solutions, over and above cryptocurrencies. Surely we are at the dawn of an...


November 2017 5 Min Read

Robotic Process Automation in the Back Office

Robotics in the office is not as scary as it sounds. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can have significant benefits for your organisation, if you know how it’s used and how to deploy it.  RPA tools automate highly repetitive, labour-intensive, and high-volume...


November 2017 7 Min Read

Leveraging Technology to Drive Treasury Transformation at Alhokair

The business and consumer environment in Saudi Arabia has changed significantly in recent years in line with evolving economic conditions. Consumers have become more cautious in their spending habits and more price-sensitive than in the past when purchasing not only...


October 2017 12 Min Read

Flying the Fintech Kite

Technology innovation has always been intrinsic to the changing role of treasury, and been instrumental in creating opportunities for enhanced efficiency, control and capacity building. In some cases, such as electronic banking, technology has been delivered by banks...


September 2017 8 Min Read

The Next Generation of Financial Messaging for Corporates

Finastra has a long heritage of providing SWIFT connectivity and service bureau services to corporations and financial institutions through its predecessor company D+H, and together with the Misys Confirmation Matching Service (CMS), is the industry-leader in...


June 2017 6 Min Read

OpenLink Cloud – A World First

OpenLink Cloud is the world’s first enterprise cloud platform for trading, treasury and risk management, combining the strength and security of the Microsoft Azure platform with OpenLink’s own security and tools to ensure that clients’ systems and data are...


May 2017 7 Min Read

Sunshine in the Cloud – Sharing insights on treasury technology opportunities

Chaired by Helen Sanders, Editor During this roundtable discussion published in association with FIS, two corporate treasurers, Masha Weijers, group treasurer of Futuris, supplier to the automotive industry headquartered in Australia, and Carolyn Maloney, group...


March 2016 3 Min Read

How Digital Technology is Transforming Treasury

How Digital Technology is Transforming Treasury by Thomas Dolenga, Head of Cash Management Product Development, UniCredit Digitalisation has already given rise to a number of valuable tools designed to raise the speed, safety, and efficiency of treasury operations. And...


March 2016 6 Min Read

Digitisation for Best-in-Class Treasury Management

Digitisation for Best-in-Class Treasury Management by John Colleemallay, Senior Director, Group Treasury & Financing, Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes is a fast-growing innovator, supporting 190,000 enterprise clients across 12 industries and 140...


January 2016 6 Min Read

A Pioneer of Treasury Efficiency and Automation

A Pioneer of Treasury Efficiency and Automation   by Martin Schlageter, Head of Treasury Operations, Roche Over the past decade, Roche has developed a world-class global treasury organisation, a process that has been distinguished by the close collaboration...


January 2016 3 Min Read

Asian Treasurers Embrace Technology

Asian Treasurers Embrace Technology by Kevin Grant, Hanse Orga Executive Board Member Hanse Orga’s current experiences in the Asia-Pacific region show clearly that technology innovation is now a primary catalyst for achieving business process improvement in...


December 2015 3 Min Read

Is Blockchain Technology Really the Solution to All Our Problems?

Is Blockchain Technology Really the Solution to All Our Problems? by Marc Robert-Nicoud, CEO, Clearstream Holding Although blockchain technology has been around for years, it seems that the financial industry has only now started to realise its potential. While...

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21 March 2023
J.P. Morgan Payments Enables Real Time Liquidity Sweeping Solution, 7 Days a Week

Solution allows clients in all locations to directly leverage their liquidity platform to ensure that liquidity is available whenever payments are made.

21 March 2023
HSBC Asset Management Launches Euro ESG Money Markey Fund

The new fund builds on the success of the HSBC Sterling ESG Liquidity and HSBC US Dollar ESG Liquidity funds.

16 March 2023
Surecomp and Contour Enter Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Interoperability Between Digital Trade Finance Solutions

Surecomp announces that it is partnering with Contour to drive the digital transformation of trade finance across financial institutions.

14 March 2023
SVB, Ticking Time Bombs and Unintended Consequences

Almost immediately following the dramatic collapse on Friday 10th March of two US lenders – Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and New York’s Signature Bank – bank shares around the world started taking a serious hit.

10 March 2023
Finastra’s ESG Service Will Support Banks in Delivering a Sustainable Lending Experience to Corporate Clients

Finastra announces the availability of its ESG Service, a cloud-native SaaS solution that streamlines sustainability-linked lending.