My Life in Treasury
Published  8 MIN READ

A Ringside Seat on Change

My Life in Treasury with Anthony J. Carfang, Managing Director, The Carfang Group

Anthony Carfang has a distinguished background in consulting, writing, speaking, thought leadership and advocacy in the areas of treasury management, payments, liquidity and banking. He talks to TMI about his career to date – and why he scorns to-do lists.

“I love this business,” declares treasury stalwart, Anthony Carfang. “There’s always something happening that has knock-on effects that most people don’t have time to think about on a day-to-day basis. But I do.”

In 2016, after 34 years at the helm, Carfang sold his Treasury Strategies consultancy. After a couple of years as MD under the new leadership, he decided to set up shop on his own again, and The Carfang Group was born. Although embarking on a new venture, his deep-rooted connections continue to give him one of the most visible presences in the treasury space.