My Life in Treasury
Published  8 MIN READ

A Ringside Seat on Change

My Life in Treasury with Anthony J. Carfang, Managing Director, The Carfang Group

Anthony Carfang has a distinguished background in consulting, writing, speaking, thought leadership and advocacy in the areas of treasury management, payments, liquidity and banking. He talks to TMI about his career to date – and why he scorns to-do lists.

“I love this business,” declares treasury stalwart, Anthony Carfang. “There’s always something happening that has knock-on effects that most people don’t have time to think about on a day-to-day basis. But I do.”

In 2016, after 34 years at the helm, Carfang sold his Treasury Strategies consultancy. After a couple of years as MD under the new leadership, he decided to set up shop on his own again, and The Carfang Group was born. Although embarking on a new venture, his deep-rooted connections continue to give him one of the most visible presences in the treasury space.

Carfang insists what he does now “is not a full-time job”, but he is far from retirement. Having built over the years a portfolio of no less than four occupations, today he is as busy as ever. In addition to The Carfang Group, he currently runs an organisation called Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, overseeing a national scholarship fund. He is a Director of Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University, and also sits on the board of post-treatment networking organisation, As a fifth strand, he also exercises his passion for genealogy and his Italian roots, operating since 2003 the largest genealogy website of the Abruzzo region of Italy.