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Published  11 MIN READ

All Change: Keeping Pace with Treasury in the Americas

From technology to ESG, the corporate treasury landscape in the Americas has a dynamism that requires all stakeholders to pay attention. Triné Alimena, Director, Head of Balance Sheet Strategy, Commercialisation & Execution, Corporate Treasury, Liquidity & Investment Advisory, BNP Paribas, and Fernanda Sacramento, Senior Cash Management Sales, BNP Paribas Brazil, examine the path of progress.

Shifting market forces, constant regulatory additions and updates, globalisation versus de-globalisation, the focus on post-Covid-19 efficiencies: the list of pressures on businesses – and individuals – seems to endlessly morph from one month to the next. It’s exhausting, but maintaining awareness and continuing to respond is essential for survival.

This is why, for example, many companies have compressed their digital transformations from years into months, boosting investments in what were once ‘nice-to-have’ technology solutions, and propelling them into the heart of every organisation as ‘must-haves’, notes Sacramento. “They had to think very quickly how to respond to Covid-19. Now they face almost constant change.”

The same applies with globalisation. Since the current run of crises, the response has evolved dramatically. The risks imposed by, for instance, Covid-19 lockdowns and sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have heavily impacted global supply chain management approaches.