Risk Management
Published  9 MIN READ

Getting Flexible: Treasury’s Response to Deglobalisation

The recent publication of the Deutsche Bank-sponsored Economist Intelligence Unit survey, ‘Manoeuvring uncertainty: Treasury priorities in a volatile, post-pandemic market’, revealed rising macroeconomic concerns within the treasury community. TMI and Christof Hofmann, Global Head of Corporate Cash Management, Deutsche Bank, explore the impact.

With rising protectionism and calls for deglobalisation among the political classes, it’s no wonder that the commercial world is searching for new ways of working. Indeed, there have been quite specific moves by businesses to reshore or nearshore supply chains to seek greater security.

For corporate treasury, global instability has brought a raft of new issues with which to contend, on top of an already packed agenda that has seen the function urgently finding ways, for example, of reducing FX risk and optimising short- and longer-term investments.

The new survey comes at a time when change is the only certainty. In answering TMI’s questions, Hofmann paints a picture of a world in which forward-thinking treasurers are adopting a flexible approach to tactics and strategies, and leveraging their data through new architectures and technologies.