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Going Global: Why Professional Education Must Reflect a Changing Business World

Why Professional Education Must Reflect a Changing Business World

by John Danilovich, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce

As the business world becomes increasingly globalised, it is time for professional education to follow suit. Greater worldwide integration is creating business opportunities across the globe, and a global standard of education can put companies in a position to take full advantage, says John Danilovich, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently launched the ICC Academy, a ground-breaking educational initiative that brings together the world business organisation’s global network of business experts to provide professional education – starting with courses in banking and trade finance – to a global audience. We have done this because professional education today is more important than ever – and it needs to be tailored to the demands of a changing business world.

Shortage of skills is hampering opportunities

The business world today is more connected than ever. Improvements in technology have made it possible for businesses to collaborate successfully with partners on the other side of the globe. What’s more, the emerging markets are becoming an increasingly important factor on the global stage – not only trading with western economies, and each other, in ever-greater volumes, but also trading increasingly in higher-value goods. These are just two of the factors creating opportunities for business expansion into new markets and regions.