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Head2Head: Listen Carefully… You May Learn Something

Jonathon Traer-Clark

JTC One of the themes in our last Head2Head was listening, which reminded me of a piece of advice I received from a leader in a prior role. He said, “You have two ears and one mouth – use them in that ratio”. We’ve discussed relationship management before, and the importance of developing a regular, trusted dialogue between corporate treasury and its bankers. But that’s only one avenue of communication between banks and treasurers.

Bruce MeuliBM Did you ever take that leader’s advice? In all seriousness, banks have conferences, forums, journals, peer groups, surveys and the like to hear about what treasurers need and the challenges they face. And of course treasurers can move their business too – which is a form of feedback in itself, albeit quite a final one. Which do we consider the most effective?