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How to Master Real-Time Treasury Data: Tools and Techniques

‘Real-time treasury’ is an increasingly hyped phrase among certain banks and technology vendors, but how close to reality is this concept today? And how ‘real-time’ does treasury need to be? Four experts provide TMI with answers to these questions and more.

Over the past year, treasurers have been immersed in a series of interconnected global challenges, from supply chain issues to questions about energy pipelines – particularly in Europe – and a rising interest rate environment, coupled with inflation. As a result, timely data has been critical to the corporate response as treasurers look to insulate their firms from the risks involved.

To compound matters, companies that have seen explosive growth in recent years simply haven’t had to deal with this particular cocktail of challenges from a treasury perspective – at least in living memory. At the same time, there are traditional companies whose profiles and geographic reaches are entirely different now from what they were 10 years ago, so they are unsure how to respond, not having been in this exact situation before. There are also newcomers to treasury who have not been in the profession long enough to have witnessed anything like the scenarios currently playing out globally. All of this makes for a very uncertain operating environment.

Lorraine Donnelly
EMEA Sector Sales Head, Healthcare, Consumer & Wellness, Citi

Lorraine Donnelly, EMEA Sector Sales Head, Healthcare, Consumer & Wellness, Citi, outlines: “So many of these challenges that corporates are currently faced with have no playbook. That drives a hunger for real-time data to inform decisions, equipping treasury teams with the best possible information at the right time.”