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How Treasury Can Set Standards and Steer the Business

How Treasury Can Set Standards and Steer the Business 

by Carosin Buitendag B.Com.MBL, Group Treasurer, DAWN Limited, Co-founder, Powerstrat and Terence Kades B.Soc.Sc.MBA PMP, CEO and Co-founder, Powerstrat. CEO Blue Wave BI Decision Tools 

The treasury is the steward of cash, and cash like oxygen, should be harnessed, not wasted, and used to support the most profitable business products, services and growth opportunities. In a literal sense we recognise the cash we hold in our hands, but when we manage cash we also manage proxy cash™ and this is what separates the professionals from the novices and where it gets interesting to demonstrate what treasurers could be.

Expand the definitions that hold treasury back

To release the opportunities for treasuries to play a wider role in support of the business, one needs to look at definitions that might be holding treasury back from creating additional value and added services. Let’s consider two obvious candidates; cash flow analysis and cash flow forecasting.