Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Innovation in Treasury

By Tarryn Hoare, Executive Head of Department, Vodacom Group Treasury 


Sitting at the kitchen table, laptop in front of me and my three-and-a-half year old daughter on my lap wrapped in a blanket eating a cream and strawberry jam biscuit, I think about what innovative ideas or methods we have implemented or are implementing in my team. What we are doing in treasury is very similar to how my daughter is eating her biscuit: she pulls the two sides apart and inspects the filling of cream and strawberry jam, asking many questions about how and why it was put together.

Our team of five is taking all the existing treasury processes and reports, pulling them apart like a cream and jam biscuit, inspecting the ‘filling’ and asking questions to rationalise the usefulness and relevance of each part. As this exercise progresses we are aware that needs are constantly changing and the reason you required a process or a report a few years ago may have evolved or changed. Therefore to keep up with the changing times treasury’s processes and reports require the same fluidity.