Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Taking Advantage of Innovation

by Faisal Ameen, Head of Product Management, Global Transaction Services, Asia Pacific, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

In the past decade, liquidity management has developed from a peripheral to a mainstream treasury priority in Asia Pacific. This transition has been fuelled by a number of factors including geographic expansion and currency diversification, coupled with a shift to more strategic treasury.

The good news is that in 2015 this transition remains in full swing. But when analysing market forces, the factors pushing ongoing transition are different. While companies continue to face a number of liquidity management challenges, recent technical innovations are bringing new opportunities to overcome regulatory and currency hurdles and help treasurers better optimise company cash.

To understand the transition, we need to take a step back. By their very nature, many of these liquidity challenges are regionally-specific and complex. From a treasury perspective, Asia Pacific is arguably the world’s most difficult region, a fact recognised globally. Comprising numerous markets and cultures, multiple currencies and diverse regulatory climates, Asia Pacific presents a variety of challenges whereby liquidity management is concerned that do not exist in the treasury space of other regions such as the European Union and North America.