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Treasury Convergence: Technology-driven business model transformation

Today, more than ever before, corporate treasurers play a critical role as they help their firms implement strategies and transform their business models amidst an increasingly unpredictable and complex environment.

The world is in flux, and businesses and the finance departments that support them, have to create order, efficiency and clarity so that opportunities can be identified and captured. From the convergence of geopolitical and demographic shifts, to regulatory change and rapid technological developments, the challenges facing today’s finance professionals require them to be more deeply embedded in their organisations, collaborating with colleagues in other business divisions, and driving innovation.

While change and complexity are not new for the seasoned finance professional, what is new is the pace and acceleration with which the change is taking place. These fast-paced shifts are resulting in a continually evolving set of liquidity and cash management needs, even as more and more of the treasurer’s time is spent on addressing the business’ long-term strategic plans. Needless to say, it is an exciting time to be in treasury!

Personally, this has been a particularly invigorating period for me as I reflect on the developments that I have witnessed in my last two decades in the banking industry. My experience in varied roles in relationship management, global markets, trade finance and cash management across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East has provided me with invaluable insight into my clients’ diverse and evolving challenges, as well as their winning strategies. More recently, together with my colleagues at HSBC, I have had the opportunity to speak with clients all over the world –in their offices, at conferences, and at the events we at HSBC host around the world. The message I have received from clients is clear – with so much happening at such pace, they need banking partners that are committed to both support them as they manage through today’s challenges, and help them transform their businesses for the future.