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Why Ireland for Corporate Treasury?

Foreword by Lorcan Travers, 2017 President of the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers

The world of the treasurer has changed dramatically in the last ten years since the global financial crisis shone a spotlight on the need to manage risk and secure liquidity effectively. Ireland, a small, vibrant, open economy took the full impact of this financial and economic crash, creating an enormous challenge for all sections of society. Thankfully the economy is now on the road to recovery from the worst excesses of austerity, driven by a vibrant corporate sector. The corporate treasury profession has played a vital role in this recovery, as its members steered companies of all sizes through the worst of the crisis. 

Ireland has always been blessed with an active and engaged corporate treasury community. At its heart  is the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers, which in the last year celebrated its 30th birthday. The Association reflects all that is great about corporate treasury in Ireland; it facilitates the networking of ideas and conversations across a close-knit community as well as actively contributing to the work of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) and International Group of Treasury Associations (IGTA).

With the opportunity offered by the economic recovery, the potential promised by vibrant financial technological progress and the challenges of regulatory change, we answer the question ‘Why Ireland for Corporate Treasury?’ 

Today’s Ireland is in expansive mode, with an economy that regularly ranks among the fastest-growing in the world. Our place in the global international financial services sector is strongly-established. Our place in the EU and the Eurozone is central to the success of our open, competitive economy. The Irish government provides the necessary infrastructure and our people provide the impetus for best-in-class companies to locate and operate their global networks here.