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Call for Corporates to go on the Cybercrime Attack

Acting collectively and sharing experiences is the only way for businesses to beat technical and commercial hackers, says Laurent Sarrat, CEO and Co-Founder, Sis ID.

To fight effectively against highly organised cyber threats, companies should switch into the role of defender rather than victim.

Faced with the explosion of cyber-attacks, they must reverse the balance of power. In just a few years, cybercrime, which was once the preserve of amateurs, is now carried out by efficient international networks. Today, regardless of their size and sector of activity, all companies are exposed to it.

Those engaged in cybercrime tend to fall into two profile types. There are the technical hackers whose objective is to flush out the computer flaws in the billions of lines of code of the infrastructures they want to attack. And then there are the commercial hackers who play on the psychological manipulation of their potential victims to extract valuable information.