Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  8 MIN READ

Easy Treasury

The Simple Way to Create a Fully Functioning Treasury at a New Legal Entity

A fresh offering from BNP Paribas, Easy Treasury, provides a transitional solution for new legal entities, such as those arising from spin-offs, enabling them to have a fully operational treasury department from day one. More than that, it’s an innovative treasury-as-a-service solution which is significantly undercutting the competition in terms of pricing and outperforming on implementation speed.

A typical pain point facing large corporates in an M&A project involving a spin-off is how to set up a proper treasury organisation for that new legal entity – in a short time frame and on a budget. This vital issue tends not to be adequately addressed by the M&A team because it is not, on the surface, an essential part of the deal. As such, the treasury department of the parent company is often confronted with this challenge at short-notice, and with few additional resources at hand.

In such a scenario, the existing corporate treasury team often has to call in external expertise. This typically starts with a standard RFP process to select a treasury platform that fits the needs of a much smaller company. Naturally, the selection and implementation of this technology requires time and resources. It can also delay the closing of the M&A deal if the RFP process is not concluded on time.

Easy Treasury is a transitional solution to help spin-offs to have a treasury function in place from launch day with the right processes, people, and platform.