Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  8 MIN READ

Increasing Treasury’s Strategic Bandwidth: An Integrated Workflow for Forecasting and Investing

An innovative integration between its cash automation platform and money market investment portal has given Bandwidth Inc. the benefits of a truly straight-through data workflow. Scott Taylor, Treasurer at the enterprise cloud communications company, explains how this efficient integration took place – without him needing to lift a finger.

Established in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1999, Bandwidth counts companies including Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Zoom among its client base. These organisations leverage Bandwidth’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to easily embed voice, messaging and 911 access into software and applications.

Given the significant rise in communication platforms in recent years, and in particular due to Covid-19, Bandwidth is growing at a rapid rate.  Bandwidth is the first and only Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider to offer a range of communications APIs built around their nationwide IP voice network, and they are the only API platform provider to own a Tier 1 network, which enables the company to deliver better quality, rates and control to their customers. The company also recently acquired Voxbone SA in a move that significantly accelerates their plans for international expansion.

Preparing for the future

While rapid growth is a nice challenge to have, it also meant that Taylor needed to have his treasury operations working as efficiently as possible in order to scale with the business. This was no mean feat considering that, when he joined Bandwidth in the middle of 2019, Taylor was  the company’s first dedicated treasury professional.