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Published  11 MIN READ

Optimising Working Capital to Fight High Inflation and Rates

Recent research from fintech company C2FO highlights the pressure that high inflation and interest rates are applying to the global economy and outlines steps companies can take to shore up their working capital in the face of these pressures.

C2FO’s 2022 Working Capital Survey takes stock of the impact that some of the year’s significant economic developments – specifically high inflation and rising interest rates – are having on business financing for companies worldwide.

The survey, which polled 1,240 respondents across 10 countries, reveals firms’ business sentiment as they cope with these challenges. It also takes the temperature of managing directors, the C-suite, and managers from finance and procurement spanning all industry sectors to gauge their approaches to the future.

Silver linings amid the gloom

Businesses report a pessimistic view of their country’s economy (39%) rather than a positive perspective (28%). Companies in the UK have the most negative outlook (where 54% viewed their national economy as either not very good or not good at all), followed by the US (50%) and Italy (49%).