Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  13 MIN READ

Shifting the Balance of Power

Successful Career Moves in a Changing Market

When looking to take their next career steps, treasurers may find themselves moving in a much-changed market. With employers similarly facing a new set of challenges, TMI asks Pieter de Kiewit, Business Owner and Recruitment Consultant, Treasurer Search, to explain how the realities of the modern employment landscape are altering how potential employees and employers approach each other.

Once upon a time, a company would advertise a vacancy in its treasury, it would interview a number of applicants, select the best candidate, and then make an offer of employment, which would usually be gratefully accepted. But the market for professional treasurers has changed, notes de Kiewit. It has become a lot tighter, and companies seeking the best understand that the interview process must now become a two-way street.

Indeed, he believes that the most responsive recruitment managers are at last recognising that in the treasury market, a widening range of skills are needed to be effective in this role, and that an even wider spectrum of working conditions must be on the table to secure and retain top talent. They also accept that potential employees will seek to grill their prospective employers in a way that a decade ago would have been unthinkable.

Companies today believing they still hold all the cards in the recruitment process may be surprised to discover that the balance of power has swung to a more equitable point. But this is a positive outcome because it sets the scene for treasurers and their potential employers to explore, discuss, and negotiate on an equal footing, creating longer-term benefits for both parties.