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TMI Awards 2009 Supplement (Part 4) Pages 16 to 20 of this supplement cover the Best Bank for Money Market Fund Awards. The Awards are divided into three regions: Europe, Asia, and North America. This section also includes the majority of our Technology Awards.


HSBC is grateful for the trust and support of our customers and we appreciate the vote of confidence that this award represents. This recognition reflects our commitment to the trade and supply chain business which is a key economic driver across most countries in the region and key to the business success of importers and exporters in the Middle East. HSBC Trade and Supply Chain delivers a comprehensive range of trade finance solutions combined with unmatched expertise and online access through HSBCnet in more than 60 countries and territories worldwide. In the Middle East, HSBC Trade and Supply chain is the largest  and most specialised trade operation in the region with more than 450 trade specialists in 10 countries across the region.

Kersi Patel, Regional Head of Trade and Supply Chain, HSBC Bank Middle East said: "Receiving this award validates HSBC's commitment to providing our clients with timely and industry-leading products and services. It aslo reflects out commitment to providing our customers' businesses with the best possible opportunities to grow by investing in people and innovative technology in the Middle East and in key markets around the globe."

J.P. Morgan

From the initial discussions through to the creation and rollout of SCORE, J.P. Morgan has worked with both SWIFT and its clients to help to make the advantages of SWIFT available as an option to the corporate treasurer. “It’s all about choice and finding the right solution that fits with a client’s business model,” commented Brian Wedge, Executive Director for J.P. Morgan. “We have extensive experience of SWIFT as an access channel with our large financial institutions client base and we are finding that corporates, especially treasury departments, have similar needs. We don’t view SWIFT as a competitor to our proprietary channel access products; in fact the two are often complementary.”

Initially, the driver for SWIFT for Corporates was to help increase payments operation efficiency, and while that is still true today, the range of discussions that J.P. Morgan has held with their clients over the past 18 months has broadened. “Many of the client conversations during 2009 have also included looking at leveraging SWIFT to mitigate counterparty risk, meet increased contingency plans and accelerate the use of standards.

“On behalf of J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, we are delighted to be recognised by the TMI readership as the Global Bank for SWIFT for Corporates.”

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas and Fortis Bank are highly complementary businesses with each partner bringing strength and expertise. Together we bring a wealth of domestic and cross-border solutions across the spectrum of companies’ cash management needs including SWIFTNet. We will continue to be a pioneer in SWIFT for Corporates, BNP Paribas has now the largest number of corporates connected to SWIFT globally; we also support eBAM (electronic bank account management), XML messages and fully exploit web opportunities based on new generation Flex technology allowing unprecedented integration with our clients’ in-house applications.  

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