Cash & Liquidity Management
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Bolloré SA

Finance and Treasury Manager – Bolloré SA

 “We do not really have the cash pooling, we just have merged accounts on a scale”

La Lettre du Trésorier

Have you been with the group since it was formed?

Marc Bebon

I was extremely lucky to meet Vincent Bolloré by chance twenty-five years ago. At that time he was very young and had just bought back his family business from finance companies. The paperworks specialised in Bible paper, tea bags, carbon paper and wrapping tissue etc. All these activities have since been sold, apart from the polypropylene film used for capacitators, an area in which we are still one of the world market leaders. I believed in Vincent and his dynamic nature, disregarding the fact that the latest accounts were more than mediocre! And I have not been disappointed, far from it. What an adventure!

We are now one of the 500 biggest companies in the world, having increased revenues from an equivalent of €60 million to €6 billion. The group operates in 104 countries and employs 31,000 people.