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Corporate Innovation & Excellence: Experiences and Insights of the 2013 Editor’s Award Winners

by Helen Sanders, Editor

January is a time to look back over the past year and look forward to the next, to consider what lessons can be learnt, how things can be improved, and what new opportunities might exist. It is therefore an ideal time to review the experiences of some of the high achieving treasuries that we featured in TMI during 2012, to help inform how corporate treasurers and finance managers deal with the issues and challenges that they are likely to experience in the coming year. In this article, therefore, we are delighted to feature the winners of the TMI 2012 Editor’s Awards for Innovation and Excellence.

Award winners are selected from case studies published during the course of 2012. Unlike other award programmes, we do not routinely award winners in every possible category, preferring instead to recognise specific achievements of outstanding companies. During 2012, corporate case studies featured in TMI showcased achievements across the corporate treasury community, particularly in cash management. Not only do award winners demonstrate innovation and excellence in the way that they have addressed their own business challenges, but by sharing their experiences frankly and openly, they are also deepening the treasury knowledge base as a whole.

Cash Management: GlaxoSmithKline plc (edition 208, September 2012)

Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer, Senior Vice President and Group Treasurer