Cash & Liquidity Management
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Executive Interview: Enhancing Customers’ Experience and Exceeding Expectations

How has UniCredit developed its approach to customer delivery in recent months?

With more than 20 entities making up the UniCredit Group, originating from Italy, Germany and Austria, the bank is characterised by diversity and a strong appreciation of cultural and financial differentiation. However, in addition to recognising and responding to our customers’ in-country needs in the 22 countries in which we do business, we recognised the importance of delivering a consistent experience across countries in order to satisfy the needs of our clients who operate cross-border. When it comes to cash management, over the past 18 months we have focused heavily on further harmonising major processes across countries and entities to enhance the experience of these clients who operate cross-border, such as reporting, cash pooling, and the contracting process.

We have a shared project plan with a client, which provides transparency over tasks, responsibilities, dependencies and is regularly updated with progress and ‘red flags’.

In addition to cross-border services, clients also require tailor-made solutions in each country. Optimising our clients’ cross-border and in-country requirements is key to UniCredit’s success. To facilitate this, we have an extensive branch network which provides local flexibility, supported by efficient standard processes that ensure the appropriate level of consistency and professionalism. These developments make it easier for our clients to do business with UniCredit, both at the start of our relationship and in the long term.