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Implementing Technology to Achieve Group Strategy

by Luc Vlaminck, Group Treasurer, Rémy Cointreau

The year ended 31 March 2010 was marked by a decisive event for the Group’s long-term future: on 1 April 2009, Rémy Cointreau rolled out its new worldwide commercial structure, thus taking control of 80% of its turnover and establishing a presence in new countries such as India and Brazil.  Group brands now benefit from distribution that is consistent with their premium positioning and the direct application of their strategy by talented teams.

In an ongoing difficult economic environment, the Group achieved a 12% increase in turnover and a 7.2% increase in operating profit of €140m. Rémy Cointreau thus demonstrated great resilience in the current crisis due to the success, from the first year, of its new distribution model, the dynamism of its brands and the high quality of its products.”

Dominique Hériard Dubreuil, Chairman of the Board.
Jean-Marie Laborde, Chief Executive Officer.
Rémy Cointreau