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Leveraging an ERP System in a Shared Sevices Centre Environment

by Fiona Deroo, Executive, International Business Development Office, Global Corporate Treasury, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

In the most difficult economic climate of recent memory, businesses in every industry are under tremendous pressure to maximise resources, reduce costs and improve overall operations. Nowhere is that challenge more acute than in the treasury function of a global enterprise. Fortunately, today’s robust financial ERP systems can be invaluable in helping manage the day-to-day liquidity needs of a company, as well as the growing list of responsibilities that now fall under the treasurer’s purview.

By leveraging technology globally in a shared services centre environment, a single financial ERP system can eliminate redundancies, enhance productivity, and raise standards across the organisation. The results are not merely cost savings, but also the improved visibility and better forecasting that chief executives demand. These are the ultimate benefits that can lead to sustained, long-term success.

The decision to implement a single, global ERP system and leverage it across the organisation in a shared service environment requires careful deliberation. This white paper reviews the key issues, including: