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Leveraging Innovation to Support a Fast-growing Organisation

by John Colleemallay, Senior Director, Group Treasury & Financing, Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes (DS) is a fast-growing innovator, and has experienced a doubling in revenues to over €2bn in the six years between 2006-2012. Treasury has had a major role in DS’ achievements so far, and is critical to delivering on its strategic vision of the future. DS’ financial position differs from many organisations in that it has zero net debt. However, centralising cash balances and enhancing the efficiency and automation of processes across the business is no less important. By optimising the use of cash, funding working capital requirements without the need for external borrowing and reducing costs, treasury is helping DS to invest in new technologies and innovation that will drive growth and further increase customer satisfaction. This article outlines some of the recent initiatives on which treasury has embarked and how these contribute to DS’ strategic vision.

Treasury at Dassault Systèmes

We have experienced enormous growth at DS since the company was founded in 1981, to become the world’s leading 3D software design company. This culture of dynamism and innovation is inherent across the entire business, not least in treasury. We have a small but highly focused team that aims to embrace and pioneer the latest developments in cash, treasury and risk management, and leverage integrated, secure technology to enhance performance and efficiency. These objectives influence not only the way in which we have organised the department, but also in the projects on which we embark. For example,