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Limagrain Group

Director of Treasury and Finance – Limagrain Group

 “We have a dual organisational structure and finance level”

La Lettre du Trésorier

You were born and bred in the Auvergne region: I believe the early part of your career was quite varied?

Dominique Fraisse

Indeed. After I completed my postgraduate studies in banking and finance in Lyons in 1987, I worked at Banque Veuve Morin Pons for four years, at Crédit Agricole in Grenoble for three years and at a financial holding company, ABCIA, which specialises in acquiring companies in difficulty, where I was responsible for setting up the treasury management function and was also involved in refinancing the acquisitions. I joined Limagrain in July 1998. The treasury team currently has three members of staff.

Your group’s best-known brands are Vilmorin, Clause and Pain Jacquet. Are there any others?

DF: Limagrain’s specific feature is primarily that it is a federation of SMEs and consolidates, under the aegis of the Limagrain cooperative, which has around 600 members in over 100 companies. The seeds and gardening products business within Vilmorin accounts for approximately 82% of the total revenues, which amount to €1,136.5 million, cereal ingredients (semolina and flours) and bread-making make up the remaining 18%. The group operates in 36 countries with a workforce of 6,000 people, including more than 1,200 people who are involved in research, and only one-third of the revenues are generated in France.