Cash & Liquidity Management
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Managing Cash in Challenging Times

by Britta Hion, Managing Director, BlackRock

With the short-term investment landscape rapidly changing due to a number of factors, attitudes around cash investment strategies are also evolving. Money Market Funds (MMFs) are, and will continue to be, important cash investment vehicles for a wide range of investors; however, the low yield environment and the changes brought on by regulatory debate have shifted the money market fund landscape. Investors need to embrace and understand these changes but also be aware of alternative options that are available and may be better solutions for some or all of their cash management needs.

In this article we aim to address the solutions that are available to investors in the short-term fixed income space and clarify how they can be used effectively to manage every individual investor’s unique requirements in these challenging times.

Navigating the new world of cash investing: Beyond money market funds

A. Acceptance of share reduction mechanisms